How to scientifically clean the mold head

The use of the die head is important, but cleaning the casting die head is even more important. Scientific cleaning and maintenance can make the die head more durable and maximize efficiency during operation. So, how to clean the die head? What materials and methods are more suitable for cleaning? Here are four options for reference.
1. The traditional method of manual cleaning is quite effective, although the cost is the lowest, it requires more time and manpower.
2. We will also use a steel wire brush to clean the screw and barrel. First, remove the screws from the machinery, and then use two hours to clean them thoroughly. We have tried using detergents, but the results are average and not very practical. We must consider the performance of the product.
3. Laser cleaning is a “green” cleaning method that does not use any chemical agents or cleaning liquids, and the solid waste cleaned is mostly non mechanical interactions. The thorough cleaning of mechanical parts in the aerospace industry is achieved through the use of materials, and laser cleaning methods can also be used for machining oil esters in mechanical parts.
4. Triethylene glycol cleaning is a complete production cleaning method applied in polyester factories, which involves replacing pipes and blowing clean water and compressed air after pipeline cleaning. Almost all mechanical pipelines can use this cleaning method.
The above methods can effectively assist in cleaning the extrusion die head in daily production processes. Common cleaning methods such as sheet metal mold heads, sheet metal mold heads, spray wire mold heads, melt blown mold heads, and casting mold heads can all be used for cleaning. For more information about the mold head, please follow Qitai Mold.

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