EVA&PVC&PE foam product mold

A hanger style foam mold head.
An internal blocking adjustment device with the function of eliminating thick edges, with a product thickness range of 0.005-0.25mm for arbitrary adjustment. Product heating method: stainless steel heating rod zone heating or cast copper heating plate zone external heating. Multiple lip adjustment methods; The precision of the product can reach within 2%.
A continuous and unobstructed flow surface can be obtained at the lip of the mold, equipped with micro spaced push-pull adjustment screws that act on the pressure of the resin and the upward and downward rebound of the metal. The flexible lip of the mold can be bent to adjust the gap between the mold openings, and there are internal and external blocking adjustment devices to adjust the product width.
All surfaces are plated with hard chromium, and fasteners are made of high-strength bolts of grade 12.9. High quality and durable stainless steel heating rods are used for zone controlled heating.
Stable production, simple structure, easy disassembly and cleaning.
Produce 0.02mm-0.4mm thick cast film, suitable for products such as paper, non-woven fabric, aluminum coating, aluminum foil, woven bag coating, etc.
Applicable: PP, TPU, PE, EVA, CPE and other raw materials.
Mold width: 400-10000mm