How to maintain the safety of network swapper equipment

The screen changer is not only an inexpensive filtering device, but also a widely applicable device. So, why is this series of screen changers so popular? The low price is just one aspect. If the equipment is not easy to use, even if the price is even lower, it will not be favored by people.
The screen changer has always had a high filtration ratio, high production capacity, strong pressure resistance, long equipment life, convenient operation, maintenance and upkeep, and guaranteed safety performance. Because of its many advantages and strong applicability, it is a suitable filtering equipment in the plastic and rubber industries. The price of the screen changer is favorable, and the quality and performance are stable.
But when we use a screen changer, there may be some malfunctions in the equipment during operation. So how do we carry out standardized maintenance correctly to ensure safety? The editor from the manufacturer of automatic screen changer, DeAo Technology, will introduce to you:
How to maintain the safety of network swapper equipment
1. During the operation of the screen changer equipment, there may be some malfunctions. If a malfunction occurs, the power should be disconnected and the work should be stopped. The prerequisite is to stop feeding and allow all remaining melt to be discharged from the screen changer equipment before disconnecting the power supply.
2. Ensure that the power supply is disconnected before conducting thorough maintenance on the screen changer equipment. After the maintenance work is completed, it is necessary to tighten the fasteners of the screen changer equipment again, and then retest the machine. Only after normal operation can it start working.
3. After a period of operation, the screen changer equipment needs to undergo a complete machine inspection, including the replacement of worn parts, lubrication of bearings, and other work. If these tasks are not done, the safety hazards of the screen changer equipment will be even greater once it starts working.

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