How to judge the quality of extrusion molds

The use of extrusion molds is very common. If the quality is not taken into account during use and selection, it will seriously affect the normal use of extrusion molds. In order to ensure better use of molds, specific methods for judging the quality of extrusion molds are provided below.
1、 Looking at the thickness of this mold, although it does not require excessive use or harsh environments, due to multiple demoldings, the mold is very prone to wear, deformation, and damage. The solution to this problem is to increase the thickness of the mold, so the grade of the mold can be clearly distinguished by looking at the thickness.
2、 Check if the specifications of the extrusion mold meet the standards. A good mold can control the size of the produced extruded plastic products within a few millimeters of error, while low-quality molds often produce products with an error of several millimeters or even centimeters.
3、 Check the material and workmanship of the entire mold. A good mold should have very smooth inner and outer surfaces, look glossy, and have a slightly moist and heavy hand feel. Poor quality molds may have burrs or potholes on the surface.

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