Method for repairing the lip gap of the casting die head

The die head of the extrusion die may be damaged during use. The lip gap of the die head not only affects the quality of the film, but also leads to abnormal deviation and non adjustability of the thickness at the gap. In order to regain good film performance, the only way is to repair the die head gap. In severe cases, a new die head must be replaced
The repair steps are as follows:
1. Clean surface dirt and identify the material of the mold lip
2. Adopting imported laser cold welding technology to ensure no deformation
3. Symmetrical grinding and polishing of the upper and lower molds,
4. Chromium plating and rough step polishing
5. Fine polishing
6. The fastest repair and processing time for special users is three days, usually one week
7. The price for repairing the 1 meter long mold head gap with chrome plating and polishing is 8000 yuan
8. Repair effect: Shiny as new, ensuring that all indicators are completely the same as before

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