The Special Characteristics of Casting Mold Head in Plastic Mold Head

The casting die head is a relatively special type of plastic die head, which can obtain a continuous and unobstructed flow surface at the lip of the die. It is equipped with small interval push-pull adjustment screws that act on the pressure of the resin and the up and down rebound of the metal. The flexible die lip can be bent to adjust the gap between the die ports. The casting extrusion die head and the mesh changer mentioned last time have been widely used in the plastic die industry and have good effects.
This mold head adopts an extended V-shaped water droplet channel, triangular diversion technology, and a special stable flow structure Effectively improving the composite accuracy of each composite layer and reducing the generation of “M” and “W” shaped material flow during the extrusion process. The upper lip of the mold adopts a push out type manual fine adjustment+automatic fine adjustment integrated lip, with a manual adjustment range of ± 1mm and an automatic adjustment range of ± 300 μ M; In the automatic lip adjustment control part, we use the currently very advanced full loop control system and automatic thickness measurement system, which ensures the thickness accuracy of the product is within ± 2%. The online thickness gauge continuously detects and scans horizontally at high frequencies, and can accurately display the thickness tolerance of the product in real time. After processing the data of the online thickness gauge through a computer program, it is fed back to a special mold lip thermal expansion adjustment bolt to achieve automatic fine adjustment of the opening thickness of the mold lip, quickly and effectively controlling product accuracy
And our casting die head has good scalability, which can be equipped with “internal blocking width adjustment device” and “external blocking width adjustment device or placement” with thick edge devices according to customer needs to better meet the possibility of producing a variety of wide width products, achieving more economical and efficient production. This type of mold head is suitable for producing single or multi-layer films such as CPP, EVA, PE, PVC, PET, PVB, etc. with a thickness of 0.06-0.18mm and below 5000mm.

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