What kind of casting die is considered qualified

The casting die head has been loved by the manufacturing industry since the interview, but how can the quality of these die heads be guaranteed when so many manufacturers produce them on the market? So, first of all, we need to understand the structure of the die head. What kind of casting die head is considered a qualified product? Let’s talk about it:
1. The extrusion die head has a streamlined flow channel surface, and the two halves of the die body are disassembled. The disassembly of the die head is simple and easy to clean:
2. Upper mold mouth push or pull type fine adjustment, upper and lower mold lip teeth integrated:
3. The casting die head and body are made of high-quality mold steel to extend the life of the mold:
4. The casting die head fastener adopts high-strength bolts of grade 12.9:
5. The heating element adopts high-quality and durable stainless steel heating rod and heating ring:
6. The surface of the flow channel is fully plated with hard chromium, with an average thickness of 25 μ M~50 μ m. And perform mirror polishing:
7. The effective width of the die head can reach 5000mm, and the flexible die lip can be manually adjusted. The single channel and multi channel co extrusion composite casting film die heads have the characteristics and can be designed with corresponding extruders for the following applications PE. EVA cast film, CPP. CPE. PVDC, EAA barrier film containing EVH and PA, commonly used in food packaging, there are various specifications and types of stationery film, sanitary product film, adhesive film, preservation film, etc.

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